It’s gonna be one of those boooooring weeks, I can tell.

But the trip to DC was successful.  We shopped at the ginourmous Crate&Barrel in Tyson’s Corner where we tested out a potential new sofa that I’ve had an eye on in the catalog.  I really like the looks of it, but I wish it had been a tad more comfy.  Still, we haven’t really seen anything else we’ve liked as much.

Ate dinner at Cosi.  I LOVE Cosi and will never, EVER understand why we can have a g-d Panera frikkin Bread every 50 feet here but we cannot attract ONE Cosi store.  :P   There are at least 3 good potential sites for one in my neighborhood alone.  Come ON, Cosi-people!  We did the tableside-s’mores thing, which was so awesome.  I know logically that it’s just cheapo Hershey chocolate (which I’d never normally eat) and some probably generic graham crackers, but getting to sit there and toast them over an open flame at your table is just SO amusing and enchanting of a concept that it works.

The play was very good.  We had pretty awesome seats.  La Blanchett was magnificent, her Blanche could not have been better.  Stanley was played by Joel Edgerton, who I’ve seen in the Clive Owen King Arthur and he also played Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels.  Not an impressive film resume, but the man was a pretty decent stage actor.  I mean, he didn’t make the part his own (who could?), but he held his own against Cate and one didn’t spend the whole time wishing for Brando.  What more can you ask?  (And dude obviously knew that he had a big tight t-shirt to fill, and got himself impressively pumped for the role. Yowsa.)

Besides these two, it was kind of flat.  I thought the actress playing Stella was very sub-par.  Everybody else was adequate but not great.  I did like the set design and lighting, tho.  And am pleased to report that Cate is every bit as powerful-yet-ethereal-and-radiant in person as on film.  How I worship that chick.  It was freezing out by the time the show ended or we would have loitered at the back door for autographs.

The only big disappointment of the time was…what is with no bars being open in DC after 11pm??!?!  I coulda sworn we were in Alabama or some such.  WTF.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    There is a COSI in Lexington, KY (aka BFE) … I don’t know if we have one here but I am sure PGH deserves one more than the Lexingtards.

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