Off to see the Goddess

We’re headed off on a (very) brief trip to DC tomorrow morning to see Cate Blanchett *insert heavenly host sound here* play Blanche DuBois in the Syndey Theater Company’s production of Streetcar Named Desire.  Naturally, Marlon Brando has ruined all productions of Streetcar and I don’t know how I’ll react to seeing somebody else play Stanley.  But it’s Cate Blanchett, Live in Person! I’d show up to watch her sit on a folding chair and file her nails.

So we’re just staying the one night, and we don’t have any other big DC plans.  We’ll probably spend most of the rest of our time in the ‘burbs at the Tyson’s Corner Mall, because I wanna go to Crate & Barrel and all those other posh stores that we don’t have here.  And visit Whole Foods in a state where they’re allowed to have a wine and beer dept.

Foodies are really easy to amuse on vacations.

“What’d you do on your vacation?”

“Went grocery shopping.”


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  1. babs Says:

    Naturally about the Brando thing. :) .

    Haven’t been to Tyson’s Corner in years, years. But, remember liking it.

    And, amused at the bit about Whole Foods having beer and wine. I grew up in PA, so I remember that well. I live in AZ, and am flummoxed because I can buy vodka at a CVS. And was confused when I moved to NY and VA and you could buy beer at the one stop shop.

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