Goodies I Gots

BW did an unusually good job on the ol’ bday presents this year, so I’m gonna share the fun!  Here’s what I got.

1.   This first one he doesn’t get full credit for because I found it, then spent a few months begging for it.  It’s a viking wolf-head pendant from an AMAZING UK site called Jelling Dragon. The place is a treasure hoard of Viking goods.  I’d love ANYthing from this place, but the wolf pendant…OMG. Adore it.

2.  A DVD of Mystery Alaska, the Russell Crowe hockey flick.  While not a great movie by any stretch, it does contain some of the finest few seconds ever committed to celluloid.  Namely, this:

3.  But the DVD was just a lead-in to the bigger gift….A Sheriff John Biebe team Mystery, AK jersey!!!  Which if you never saw the movie, looks like this (blood not included):

*blink blink blink*


Oh!  Right.  The last gift was…

4.  This desktop flip-book.

My man, he knows me well.

One Response to “Goodies I Gots”

  1. LOUP Says:

    OMFG you got sweet loot!!!

    The wolf thing was awesome enough but sweet dead baby jeebus a Russell Crowe jersey. Madam you have one of the awesomest hubbies ever!!!

    I checked out that Jelly Dragon and am making my wish list for LK now. HEE HEE … celtic and viking wolf stuff is just the best. I am in heaven!


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