I came here to eat nachos and ogle Sid Crosby…

and I’m all out of nachos.

Wow, the game I went to on Saturday night really bit!  Half the team out sick, and the refs !  WTF!!  The NHL is such a joke with their UTTER, utter lack of internal consistency and total inability to maintain professional standards.  I swear they hired those refs the night before the game after the guys just finished up their shift at PepBoys.  I mean, seriously.  *spit*

Anyway.  The good points of the game were 1.  Sid got into a fight right near our seats.  Hawt!  2. It was Halloween so many people wore costumes to the game.  The clear winners:  the couple sitting in front of us who dressed as Gomez and Morticia Adams (as in…Adams, #27.)  Brilliance.  I have a pic I’ll post soon.  3. As always, The Man Zoo.  I got some nice shots of Jordy, but not much else.  At one point Sidney came to rest about 6 inches away from where I was standing.  Camera took that opportunity to spaz out on me.  :P   And I got distracted by watching a bead of sweat trickle down the back of his neck.  There was an older (50s?) lady standing next to me snapping pics at the time, and when Sid stopped right there in front of us, she turned to me and said in awestruck tones, ” Jesus Christ.”

Teeheheeeheeee.  I grinned and replied, “Exactly.”

For those of you who don’t get to attend games in person, here’s a treat.  This is the promo/”movie trailer” thing they have been showing on the jumbotron before the start of every game this season.  There’s no words for how much I love this thing.  Glorious.

2 Responses to “I came here to eat nachos and ogle Sid Crosby…”

  1. whistler Says:

    glorious indeed.

  2. LOUP Says:

    That fight made the loss bearable. I love it when Sidney gets angry. In my head I hear Eddie’s Father say “You wouldn’t like Sid when he is Angry.” It just makes me smile.

    I am so glad you got more goodies for your birfday! That wolf pendant is ROCKING — I sense a new tattoo in your future. = )

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