OMG, Thursday and Friday sucked!

BW spent all of Thursday like I said, crawling around in the crawlspace and cutting holes in the bathroom ceiling.  While he did that, I spent the day in the basement face down in grime cleaning up after the destruction wrought by the window guy.  :P

But by the end of Thursday, the bathroom exhaust fan/light had been 75% installed, we had new switches and an outlet, and the basement was as clean as it gets.

Friday BW worked on finishing the fan and replacing the two little wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror.  I cleaned the rest of the house, but that’s what I do every Friday.  It was just bad after BW was done, setting the upstairs back to rights.  Ugh.  By the end of Friday we were quite dead.

On a positive note, everything is looking good.  We’re going to have to paint the bathroom because the old wall sconces left scars in the walls, but it can wait.  It is unBELIEVable how much brighter the bathroom is now….and it’s weird having a FAN.  No more having to keep the window open while showering, even in January.   I am not accustomed to such modern conveniences.

Hope to have some pictures, but it may be a few days.  Have a busy couple of days at work ahead.

One bit of busy/housework I accomplished this weekend that I don’t MIND doing was I got all the Halloween decor up.  :)   That always makes me happy, especially when the weather decides to cooperate.  Yup, we got fall here finally, though it went from 85 to 65 with no buffer and with a bunch of soaking damp, so I’m feeling like I’m catching something.  Inconsistent stupid PGH weather quite literally makes me sick.  But I hope I’m just run-down from all the work we did and not actually ill.

Time for a nice sit-down with a Diet Coke and a book.  Laters.

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