When it rains, it monsoons.

So there’s already the craptacular weather to endure.  Now it has also turned into “Destroy My House” Week.  :P   Though we have no one to blame but ourselves.

For a long time, BW and I have wanted to replace the rickety old windows in our basement (they are SO drafty…may as well just be open holes) with glass block ones.  This spring we finally found a local contractor guy who gave us the most reasonable quote we’d ever received, so we spent the summer saving up the money with an eye towards getting the job done before winter.  We’re also having the big pointless window in my kitchen, which looks out onto my neighbor’s vinyl siding 2 feet away, replaced with block.

So the guy shows up yesterday, which I knew about.  But he at first told me that he wasn’t going to be working on the kitchen, so I didn’t have anything prepared for that…but then he changed his mind.  He worked in the kitchen AND the basement simultaneously…OMG, what a MESS.  What pissed me off a lot was that in the basement, he didn’t put down any kind of dropcloth, so there was cement drips and pieces of plaster and debris everywhere.

So I spent all day yesterday trying not to have a psychotic break. For an OCD person like me, having a stranger come in and basically trash my house…even if it is all for a good result…is like a personal violation.  Had to scrub down every surface in the kitchen, twice.  The basement is only partially clean because my ShopVac clogged.  And he’s not done yet; he has to come back Wed. to finish the last two windows.  At least I’ll be forewarned to put down my own damn dropcloths.

But wait, there’s more!  For over a year, there has been a new bathroom overhead light/fan sitting around waiting for BW to install it, buthe’s never had time.  (Our bathroom has no vent fan currently, so it’s humidity/mildew central.)  This Thursday & Friday the whole city of Shittsburgh will be even more fucked up than usual due to the G-20 Conference coming to town, so BW is just taking the days off…and he’s gonna use them to install the bathroom fan.

Which is gonna involve him crawling around in our “crawlspace” and cutting a hole in the ceiling above the vanity.


Please to have some gin?

2 Responses to “Stress”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I would have killed someone by now. Good luck with the rest of the week. May I suggest some Tequila as well?

  2. whistler Says:

    With the gin you and BW have, God help us all..

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