Man Zoo (Extended Cut)

Hello again, long time no see.  We had a reasonably nice time, except that BW got a TOTALLY BOGUS speeding ticket.  Otherwise, we visited a few vineyards and saw amazing Watkins Glen park.   I thought the casino where we stayed would be more interesting in a John-Watters “ohmygawd can you believe these trashy people” sort of way, but it wasn’t.  It was just rather boring and SMOKEY.  And we didn’t win any money at the slots.

But the important thing was that I got back in time to attend the last of the Penguins free open practice sessions on Wed!  Now that I’ve been to one I’m so bummed that I missed the sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  NEXT year, I will attend them ALL, believe me.  How it works is, you show up at the gates before 9:00am and they let you come in for free and sit anywhere you want in the “Pens Club” seats…these are the very, very front rows that would cost you $500 a ticket if you had the connections to buy any.  And then you watch the boys practice for three hours.  It was amazing!  So much better than attending an actual hockey game.  You could just sit and gawk and admire the athleticism  and hotness without having to pay attention to hockey rules, or follow what’s going on, or listen to blowhards armchair coach, or get nervous or stressed.  I was no further than the second row back the whole time, then I got smart and positioned myself near the Gatorade.  If I had more understanding of how it all worked I probably could have gotten an autograph.

Not that I didn’t try. 

My goal was JStaal, because I figured he’d be more accessible.  J’s practice group was scheduled to start at 10:15, so I incorrectly assumed that he’d show up between 9:30 – 10, so I went outside and stood next to the player’s parking lot entrance.  (Lots of people get autographs there from players in their cars.)

Turns out that I totally missed Jordan because the 10:15 guys all showed up around 9:00.  Instead, I saw guys from the 11:00am group.  At about 9:40 Bill Guerin pulled up in a slick black Lexus sedan with NY State plates. I squeed, and I don’t even really care about BillyG that much.  Then a very obviously hockey-player-looking guy in a black Jeep Wrangler Rubicon type of thing drove in.  He was wearing aviator glasses and a cap, and I did not recognize him at all.  I felt very foolish being a stalker who couldn’t even recognize her own stalkees.  But he saw me, and gave me a little head-nod.  I kinda nodded back and was like, “Go Pens”, but I still had no idea who he was.  He parked and walked into the building, and looked mighty fine in his t-shirt and jeans and longish hair.  After I went back inside, I noticed that the only player with longer hair was brand-new acquisition Jay McKee.  THAT’s why I didn’t know who it was!  Henceforth he shall be known as My New Friend Jay McKee.   MNFJM74 for short.  :)

THEN, I saw a gun-metal grey Range Rover with tinted windows cruise up.  It’s driver very skillfully pulled up to the security booth perfectly so that the booth blocked the view of whoever was inside.  I edged around and stood on my toes and I was able to see….IT WAS SID!!! Smiling and chatting to the guys at the booth!

OH MY GAWWWWWWWD!!!  I was too late to dive in front for an autograph and too stunned to take a pic at close range.  He drove in to the lot and I tried to get my phone out to call Loupy, but my hands were all shaky with adrenaline.  He got out and walked towards the player’s entrance and I was standing there yelling “SIIIDDDDDD!!” but I knew I had no chance of him walking way back across the lot to sign anything.  But some bastard was standing way up on the upper-level walkway that goes over the back entrance, and threw a jersey and a pen down to Sidney, who caught it, signed it, and threw it back up to the guy!!! SUMBITCH.

Oh well.  An autograph would have been awesome, but my goal was just to get the chance to see mah boys up close from seats I could never in a million years have otherwise.  It was a great morning for hockey.  :)

Pics are right here.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    OMFG… sweet pics!! I told LK I am so there next year. He has to stay home with the girls so I can just spend 4 days there Sid-Stalking. = )

  2. LOUP Says:

    YAY! I just talked LK into letting me get Center Ice!! w00t!! Now I can stalk the Pens too. = )

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