Way Up North

I just checked weather.com, and found out that the humidity in Pittsburgh right now is 100%. Yet it isn’t raining. How is that even physically possible??

It all makes me even happier about the fall vacation we’re planning. We knew we wanted to go to northern Atlantic Canada, but we couldn’t decide between Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. Nova Scotia is gorgeous, and I hope to try to seek political asylum there if Dubya wins in the fall, (land is cheap up there!) but we ended up settling on Newfoundland. We think it’ll have less tourists.

So in September we’ll head up to Toronto for that PHP conference, then next day hop a plane for Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Weather permitting, we wanna spend most of our trip at Gros Morne Park. Yes, I’m a sucker for bleak and uninhabited! Then we’re gonna motor up to L’anse aux Meadows, the site where the Viking explorers who landed on the American continent 500 years before that lost Italian guy set up camp. I’m also a sucker for anything to do with Vikings, so I’m really psyched! Can’t wait to see what cheesy Viking-themed souvenirs I can pick up! Can’t wait to see if the Norse reenactors are totally cheesy and incorrect!

I have a weird idea of a fun vacation, I’m aware of this. Vegas? WTF is there to do in Vegas?? Cancun? Eeww.

So far we’ve rented a spiffy cabin in the park, and reserved a room at a place called the Viking Village B&B. Teehee!

No more pining for the fjords for us! We’ll see all the fjords anybody could ever want!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    My aunt and uncle are on a month long tour of Pacific coast Canada and Alaska and they are LOVING it. One day LK and I will get there. I love Canada. I have family in Trenton and Frankford (just north of Toronto) so you can crash there while you waiting on your house to sell. = )

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