Your weekly perv

I am going to be away the early part of next week.  BW and I are headed to the Finger Lakes region of NY state for a few days.  The really interesting part is that we’ll be lodging at some nearby Indian-owned casino that BW’s parents just luuvvvv to frequent…so much so that they get free rooms.  We wanted this to be a cheap getaway, so..

Should be interesting in an anthropology field-study kind of way.

ANYhow, to kick off the weekend in the right frame of mind, and to keep you company while I’m gone, you can watch Sidney Crosby workout.  Sooooo much material to squee and titter like a dirty old woman over:

  • the way Sid says “workoat”
  • “he’s creating horizontal force production”
  • “good activation in the glute.” Huhuhuhuhuh.
  • Sidney has really good legs; he needs to wear shorter shorts. *leer*

So I’ll just let you enjoy.  Can’t wait to watch the 2nd installment soon!

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