Medical chart

Whew.  I believe that things are slowly returning to normal here.

Late last week BW finally got a pack of meds to get his poison ivy under control, so he’s good.

We took Gulliver to the vets and were given some anti-inflammatory/bacterials to calm his digestive tract down, plus some sort of kitty Immodium.  He absolutely hates taking them and I think he’s finally taking a stand and just not letting us give him anymore.  BUT, today is supposed to be his last day so that’s alright.  He responded really well, and all his symptoms have cleared up.

However, the vet ran a blood test and his results indicate he has a condition called “cholangiohepatitis”, which sounds scary, but it’s not really that bad.  It’s some form of gall bladder & bile duct inflammation accompanied by IBS caused by…nobody knows.  Could be a food allergy, could just be a weird immune system response.  If not caught early it can cause liver damage, but I think we’ve caught it very early.

I’m not quite sure how we’re supposed to deal with it long-term, other than to keep monitoring for flare-ups, and to try to avoid giving him irritating foods.  Guess that means no more junk food Fancy Feast for Gulli.  I just ordered a case of Wellness cans, let’s hope he doesn’t turn up his nose at all of them.  :P

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