So how was everybody’s Labour Day weekend?

Ours was pretty nice.  Had to do yardwork on Saturday, chopping down the dead flowers and herbs in readiness for fall.  Good riddance, I am SO done with plants.  Hate them things.  ;)   Just want my yard to be coated with snow so I don’t have to think about that stuff anymore.

But Sunday and Monday were good.  Went to a nice brunch, rode the motorcycle, relaxed.  Nice.  Also, made plans to a quickie trip to DC around our anniversary to see the Goddess Cate Blanchett (!!)  LIVE (!!!) on stage in a new production of A Streetcar Named Desire (!!!!) So excited!  Although it is damned near impossible to watch anyone other than Brando play Stanley Kowalski, I am willing to give it a try because being n the same room as Cate Blanchett and maybe inhaling one of  her CO2 molecules will be worth it.

Rusty Crowe in PGH, Cate in DC…we gladly submit to our new Australian overlords!!!  Let us praise them with great praise!

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