Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

You’re everything I wish I could be…

Dude in the story below is the Wind Beneath My Wings.  Go ON witcha’ bad self sir! YOU are RIGHTEOUS!  Stand UP to the evil Breeder Horde, o my Brother!  *fist pump*  My favorite parts are in bold.

Stranger allegedly slaps crying child in store

(CNN) — A Georgia man allegedly slapped a toddler at a Walmart store because she wouldn’t stop crying, authorities said.

According to the arresting officer, the child’s mother said her daughter was crying as they walked down one of the aisles.

The mother said a stranger later identified as Stephens approached them and said, “If you don’t shut the baby up, I will shut her up for you.”

OH YES!!! I LOVE you man! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

A few moments later, while the mother and the crying child were in another aisle, Stephens allegedly grabbed the girl and slapped her across the face.

Police said he hit her four or five times. “See, I told you I would shut her up,” the suspect allegedly told the mother.

But naturally, we live in a Breeder-Pleasing world.  Run BY asshole breeders, FOR asshole breeders, so you know there’s no way that this story could end happily.  Nope.  They hauled my hero away to jail!

Roger Stephens, 61, was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree cruelty to children. An incident report obtained from police in Gwinnett County indicated Stephens did not know the 2-year-old girl he stands accused of hitting.

So if he had known the child, he could have smacked the shit out of her with no repercussions?  Maybe.  Anyway, it’s ok Mr. Stephens.  You are now a political martyr in my eyes….up there with Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.   I want to start a fund to raise his bail money and print up some “Free Mr. Stephens” t-shirts.  Rage against the breeder machine!

4 Responses to “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”

  1. Rach Says:

    Where do I send my donations for bail money!?! Good for him for having the balls to do what most people think of doing when they hear a screaming brat!

  2. Gutterboy Says:

    If this is on tape, he could recoup the cost of legal fees by putting it on pay-per-view. I’d never get tired of watching.

    Sad that he got charged with more than the mom would’ve had she actually KILLED it by leaving it to broil in the Walmart parking lot.

  3. LOUP Says:

    I envision the front of the t-shirt with FREE MR. STEPHENS and the back “I will shut her up for you!

    I haven’t gone that far yet but I am always quick to offer the roll of duct tape I keep in the car if they are having problems keeping their spawn under control. = )

  4. LOUP Says:

    also .. found this ..


    Some are proud of the guy and then there are the loonies.

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