Where can I get a loaner Hazmat suit?

Oy.  So much for relaxing and slacking off after the bridal shower.

Overshare time!  First off, little Gulliver has had diarrhea since Monday.  Seems fine otherwise, I think he must have just eaten something that disagreed with him.  But he hasn’t eaten anything but his usual foods.  My pet theory is that he has developed a sensitivity to the Red #3 food coloring in the Fancy Feast canned stuff he gets, because the ONLY other time I’ve known this to happen was when he once ate some pink-tinted Dozen cupcake icing.  He has a vet appointment tomorrow and I guess we’ll be buying exclusively Wellness brand dry AND canned foods now to keep away from dyes.  *sigh*  Yay.  Hey, I didn’t need money anyway.

Also, BW has poison ivy that he picked up last weekend and it hasn’t cleared up yet.  In fact, it’s gotten a little worse, which made him suspect that there still may be some articles of clothes or shoes around the house that are “infected” with the poison ivy oils.

So pretty much I’ve been running around like a “Biological Services” crew at a plague site, doing the equivalent of washing bedpans, sanitizing surfaces, scrubbing carpets, and boiling the laundry.  :P Why can’t I just get those two sent to some nice quarantine lockdown facility?  Why they gotta mess up my nice home?  That’s what the CDC is for, isn’t it?


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  1. LOUP Says:

    so you are Joaning in overdrive eh? Sorry to hear it.

    We fed Natrual Balance stuff (Dick Van Dyke’s stuff) … but then we found this local stuff that the girls LOVE even more.

    It isn’t THAT expensive … deduct cleaning supplies for the poops and vet bills it is pretty darn cheap. = )

    Hope Gulli and BW feel better.

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