Mostly sunny w/a chance of showers

Agent Asian’s long-planned bridal shower was yesterday and although it was a huge amount of work, it came off without a hitch thanks mostly to the selfless help of a ton of fabulous people.  Whew!  There were no major disasters, only a small glitch with the sushi order, nobody kvetched about the food, we got it set up and torn down on schedule, and most important, the Agent liked it.  Which was the whole point in the first place.

So below you’ll see lots of photos if you’re so inclined.  But first let me give 1,000 thanks to everybody who helped in any way, especially:

Sara, Erika, Sara’s mom Sue who went above and beyond, my mom, Tim the Enchanter and Donna the Nicknameless who secured us the nice venue & who really busted butt to help set up, Janet, Julie, Megan, and most of all

BW.  There’s an Asian tradition that origami cranes bring luck, the more, the better.  BW can do origami.  Over the course of hockey season while I was making invitations, BW cranked out 250 paper cranes for Agent Asian’s shower. 250!!  We had so many that there literally wasn’t enough surface area to place them all at the shower so they may get re-used at the reception or rehearsal.  Besides the cranes, he has been an endless source of support and has chauffered me all over to fetch supplies and everything for the past like 8 months, and….really he’s better than an awesome husband, he’s an awesome friend.  Thanks, mate!

On to the pics!

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  1. asian Says:

    The Asian would also like to extend her many thanks to everyone who helped. I really appreciated it. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

    Plus a big thanks to BW for all the beautiful cranes.

    Merci Beaucoup! (Sue me. I only know how to say thank you in French.)

  2. whistler Says:

    Sounds like an awesome time and lots of work. Wish I could have been around to assist in any way possible.

    See you all soon..

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