Drive-by Icing: Patriotic Edition, in Three-Part Harmony

Part the Third.


Aug. 28, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Citizenship & Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Dear Minister of Citizenship,

Please accept my citizenship application.   I would like to become a citizen of Canada because:

Be assured you will have my full cooperation and compliance in order to expedite this process.  I appreciate your consideration and attention to this matter.


etc etc etc

Seriously people.  Lookit that. *Sqqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*  That is a boy who is genuinely happy to be on Team Canada.   So sweet.

And please consider making a donation to my Canada Olympic jersey fund, won’t you?  Or you’ll make baby Hockey Jesus cry.

3 Responses to “Drive-by Icing: Patriotic Edition, in Three-Part Harmony”

  1. whistler Says:

    There is a big chance that he’ll be named captian of the Candian Olympic Team.

    Wooooo.. Suck on that Crosby haters…..

  2. tarsier Says:

    So, that’s like being Captain America, sort of, right….?

    Except not lame. :)

  3. LOUP Says:

    Capt Canada is way cooler than Capt America!

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