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From The Telegraph, UK:

Heath Ledger’s Joker ‘exacerbates stereotypes about mental health’

Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning depiction of the Joker in the latest Batman film gives the public the wrong impression of people with mental health problems,charities have warned.

*snork*  Yes, his performance gave the impression that people with mental illnesses are cool, sexy, awesome intelligent anarchists with amazing foresight and planning skills who would be loads of fun to hang around with.  Whereas, in MY experience, real life people with mental illnesses just smell funny and ride around on public transportation saying repetitive things about the bible to total strangers.  Shame on that Heath!  What a terrible disservice!

Hollywood shows schizophrenics and those with other mental illnesses only as either stupid or evil, according to a new report for the Time to Change Campaign, which is backed by the Mind and Rethink charities. The latest Batman film, for which Ledger won a posthumous Oscar, is criticised for pandering to a false stereotype of schizophrenics, that they have split personalities.

Dr Peter Byrne, a film expert and consultant psychiatrist at Newham University Hospital in London, who wrote the report, said that the humour and violence of the film was based almost entirely on this common misunderstanding.

He said: “Batman describes the Joker as a schizophrenic clown, and when the film’s second hero Harvey Dent becomes “Two-Face” and embraces evil, the familiar stereotype of schizophrenia is activated.”

He added: “The incorrect stereotype in both cases, to a lesser and greater extent, is that schizophrenics have multiple personality disorder, and that that second personality is always evil.

Uhhmmm…in no way did Mr. J have schizophrenia.  Heath’s portrayal did not show that in any way.  Just because Batman SAID it in the script doesn’t make it true…I mean, really, you’re going to trust Batman’s diagnosis of a mental illness?!?  Talk about pots calling kettles black!   If anything, I’d say Joker was a classic sociopath and was portrayed as such perfectly.

As for Two-Face, ok I agree his is a rather stupid and shallow concept of insanity.  How is that an actor’s fault?  Take it up with the dead guys who invented the character back in 1946 or whenever it was.  Sheesh.

However, Dr Byrne singled out Russell Crowe’s performance in A Beautiful Mind, as a more realistic portrait of schizophrenia.

At least Dr. Byrne isn’t a total moron.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    Can’t a movie just be a movie anymore? Are there not other things going on in this world that would benefit from this type of attention? For the love of E, can’t we just let Heath’s last performance stand as is?

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