Virtual Cole Harbour

Which Day of Crosmas is this now?

Anyway, we all know that I didn’t get to go to Halifax.  But now, through the magic of YouTube, we can all share in the joy of the good people of Nova Scotia!  Just click right here to find a series of clips of Sid’s entire birthday with the cup!  So awesome…there are 8 parts, and it’s awfully hard to pick a favorite.

I think mine is either Part 6 where Sid plays goalie at a roller hockey game, or Part 8 (below) where Siddo puts the skills he’s learned from being Mario Lemieux’s pool boy all these years to good use by giving the Cup a nice scrub.  Part 7 is great because we get a nice view of beautiful downtown Halifax, and lots of kid photos of Sid.

Go ahead, watch all 8 of them!  Prepare for Cute Overload!

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  1. LOUP Says:

    SQUEEEEEE Is he cyoot or what?

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