You’d Smirk Too…

…if you were Gary Oldman.

I’m one of GO’s most vocal fans, but I’ll be the first to admit that he’s scrawny, chinless, not aging especially well, and his hair always looks ridiculous. But despite all this, I find him one of the sexiest things going, and have for about ten years now. I couldn’t tell you why; maybe it’s just the magnetic pull of raw talent. Whatever it is, there is definitely something about the man. I seem to be in good company in my opinions.

Since I began following his career Gary has never been without the world’s hottest women on his arm. This homely little dweeb has had both Uma Thurman and Isabella *genuflects* Rosselini in one lifetime. Tom Cruise doesn’t get anywhere near as high-quality action as that! And now this latest unidentified hot chick.

I take a perverse sort of pride in this. Not only is it vindicating, but it’s like a giant “Up yours!” to the ruthless hegemony of Hollywood no-talent pretty boys. There’s an immensely satisfying cosmic justice in it. Now I just need to see Donal Logue show up to an event with Salma Hayek, and my faith in womankind will be utterly restored.

Until then, you go Gary!

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  1. sarafina Says:

    i’m usually too lazy to comment but….i thought i was the only one who had weird taste when it comes to men….i agree, gary oldman for some reason is sexy. I was glad to hear that he’s in that new harry potter movie, though it seemed a bit beneath him. btw i’ll definitely try your Soyaccino, sounds better than how i’ve been eating my tofu. thanks for the recipe!

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