Jesus Saves. Crosby gets the rebound and SCORRRREEEES!

What child is THIS?! Why, it is our own Hockey Jesus’ birthday! Merry Crosbmas everybody!

I could be in Halifax right now for the Crosbmas Day parade…but NOOOoooooooooo….I am headed out to help Agent Asian and her Caucasian do emergency painting at their new abode.  Then tomorrow I’m due at a bridal shower for said Asian.  Oh well. Jesus is all about sacrifice.  (But you guys owe me big!!  :)   )  B’sides, I can’t really complain about ANYthing now that RUSSELL IS COMING TO TOWN!!

But back to Sid…

SO how did all this Hockey Jesus business start, anyway?  I heard it first on a local radio call-in Pens discussion. The topic was the usual, “Is Crosby over-rated? Makes too much money?  We’re sick of hearing about him, wah wah wah wah.”  In other words, the typical whining of jealous hater pussyboys.

Then some brilliant dude wrote in an email that was read aloud on the show, which said something like “Crosby is Hockey Jesus.  He has been set up since birth to be the Saviour of the NHL.  And he goes out, and he does the job that was assigned to him…he does it well, and he does it uncomplainingly.  But then he gets crucified for doing it.”  And of course I was all fist-pumping and yelling, “Right ON, my brother!!”

But it seems the Hockey Jesus meme is more widespread than I first thought.  There’s an incredible spoof bio online

(excerpt: “Sidney Patrick Crosby (born for the first time on December 25, 1 BC, in a small manger in Bethlehem, and then again on August 7, 1987, in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. ..Ironically, when Sidney was born, hockey did not even exist, in spite of the fact that he was predestined to excel at the game. Because he was originally born in such a warm, middle-eastern climate, he decided it best to put himself to sleep for nearly 2000 years to wait for history’s great explorers to discover and inhabit Canada.  On the 7th day of August, in 1987, he rose again, and started practicing.“)

and then I found these t-shirts!! (Must have!)  And it goes on and on.  As with most things hockey-related, I was late to the bus on this one.

But I’m sure you don’t need my proselytizing to get out there and worship.  If you can’t make it to Halifax, try to head to your closest Tim Hortons for as Hockey Jesus once said, “This Timbit is my body, which has been given up for you.  Take these Timbits, all of you, and eat them.”

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  1. LOUP Says:

    And eat them we shall.

    I have to thank you again for the bestest gift a girl could get .. well 2nd to actually having Sid IN the jersey.

    You are just the best.

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