Enter the Dragon

If you know me at all, you know that I have a dependence on Ginger-flavor Altoids.  Even though I’ve been getting into all the trippy flavors of Orbitz gum lately, it has not replaced the Ginger Altoids in importance.

And how could it?  Gum is just gum.  Ginger Altoids are not only a delicious, palate-cleansing mint, but they are also high in medicinal value.  I couldn’t ride the PGH bus system as often as I do without the aide of Ginger Altoids; the nausea-calming properties of ginger are second-to-none.  It stops motion-sickness (and I’ve read that it aids arthritis paid and may lower cholesterol!)  So I tote a tin of Ginger Altoids in every single bag that I own, so that I won’t ever be caught without some.

But lately, the Ginger Altoids have been getting increasingly hard to find in this area.  Target is hit-or-miss, and Giant Monopoly Grocery Chain doesn’t seem to have them anymore at ALL.

I probably would have started to panic, but then I came across Newman’s Own Organic Ginger Mints in the healthy/earthy aisle!

I’ve always been a fan of Newman’s products, so even though they cost an arm and a leg at Giant Monopoly Grocery Chain, I had to try a tin in the interest of science.

Verdict:  Damn!  Even better than Ginger Altoids!

I wouldn’t say that the ginger flavor is stronger than in the Altoids, but it is a truer flavor.  They taste like ginger, not “ginger.”  Fabulous.  And the mints have a slightly nubby texture which is rather pleasant and again makes them seem more natural.

I’ve found them on Amazon and have signed up for the “subscribe & save” program, so I’ll be getting automatic shipments and saving money.  :)

If you like Ginger Altoids, or even if you are just prone to having a queasy stomach, you need to check these out.  Thank you, Paul Newman.  I appreciate you so much more as a food-maker than I ever did as an actor.

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