Hey Mo! Hey Mo!

Nah, this isn’t a post about the Three Stooges.

I planned on having friends over for a cookout this weekend, but none of them could make it. I was gonna give up, but early in the week, my bud Whistler aka Dave stepped up to the plate. He and Stacy were coming out here so lil baby Mo could meet her great-grandma, so they all dropped by our house, along with my parents, and the cookout went on.

And of course, the bonus was that BW and I got to meet our “niece” Mo! She’s three months old now and, well…she’s a baby. :) But tho’ I’m childfree, I do like babies, so that’s cool. It’s toddlers and up that make me want to kill. She was quite a cutie, and very well behaved considering the hectic day of travel and socializing she’d had. Basically, she was a lot less cranky than I would have been in the same circumstances. Anyway, we exchanged pleasantries and small talk, and I gave her my official Guilt-Inducing Gift for New Babies and Parents. Namely: a copy of The Lorax and The Giving Tree. If I can make just one child grow up to be a non-breeding environmentalist with those books, it will have been allllll woooorrrrrth it.

I was suprised at how red Mo’s hair was, considering neither parent is a redhead, and suprised at her reaction to Gandalf (my cat, not the Tolkien character.) She was grinning her wee head off at ol’ Mr. Gandalf! Just goes to show that children are always most drawn to those people and things that don’t like them.

In short, a happy time was had by all. There’s some pics here. Thanks for dropping by, you guys, See ya next time, Mo-Monkey!

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