The Saaga Begins

Y’all got your popcorn and Raisinets at hand?  House lights dimmed?  Good.

Now just strike up the 20th Century Fox fanfare and sit back because it begins today!

Doofusfilms Ltd. presents….

Far away from the center of the turmoil unsettling the star systems, young brothers Eric and Jordan Staalwalker grew up as simple farmers on a remote backwater called planet Sod.

But each yearned for something greater; adventure and excitement in far-off places, glory and renown.  Both brothers were tall and strong, with quick reflexes that let them excel at fighting and piloting.  No one could ever choose which was the better of the two (although it was generally accepted that Jordan had the edge in looks.)  In fact, the brothers were so well-known in their village that when the recruiting officer from the Red Storm came to Sod, he made sure to pay a special visit to the Staalwalker farm.

The recruiting officer was glib and oily, promising the brothers all manner of things.  Young Jordan was wary; he had heard rumours that the real goal of the Red Storm army was total galactic domination.  But Eric, even though he was good at heart, was more easily convinced.  Lured by promises of power, glory, fast promotions through the ranks and a large paycheck, he left the farm and became a Red Storm trooper.

The Staalwalker family was very sad.  After some time had passed, Jordan decided that the only way to redeem his family name was to use his skills in the fight for good.   He bid his parents goodbye and made the long journey to planet P’gh and joined the Rebel forces.   He quickly felt right at home, made many friends, and became one of the Rebellion’s most reliable soldiers.

Although the Staalwalker brothers chose different paths, they were destined to meet again.  The Red
Storm commanders have planned an assault on the old and ramshackle Rebel home base; the Rebels are hastily marshaling their troops for the defense.  Soon the battle will be joined!  What will become of the Staalwalkers?  Stay tuned for our next insta(a)lment.

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