And the Bitch Goes On

As y’all could probably guess, I did survive my semi-annual meeting. It went pretty much as expected. Although there was less groaning and bitching than I feared, there was still plenty to go around. Much of it had to do with our web site, and you can guess who’s job site maintenance is! So the end result of all the bitching is: more work for me.

To put a positive spin on it, though, if I’m gonna do the things to the site that I want to do, I may be able to segue this into a free PHP conference in Toronto. Keep your fingers crossed.

No sooner did I get back from Penn State, but I had to go to Hell On Earth..uhh…New Castle…because BW needed to do more Wonder Cycle work.

I wish we had brought the camera. He put on his brand-spankin’ new handlebars and risers, and they look pretty spiff. Apart from that, I think he replaced some cables, and his dad did a nice job repairing and modifying the fenders. I’m not sure what’s next, I’ve lost track…something to do with the throttle, I think.

It staggers my mind to think what he’d have to do if he’d bought a bike that DIDN’T run well.

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