Can you feel the love tonight?

Game 5 tonight.  Can the Pens finally clinch this damn thing and move on to battle a real team?  Hoping so.  Here’s a lovely moment from Tuesday’s game to touch our hearts and inspire us all.

Awww.  I love how at the end of every game, all of the players come by and give props to Marc-Andre, but Sid is always the last one to do so.  I think it’s because it’s more private that way.  ;P  And they have their own special little head-butt.  So adorable.

Let’s go to the closeup.

Lookit that smile.  Lookit that adoring gaze.  I tell ya, I don’t just make this stuff up because I have a diseased mind;  there are grounds for my beliefs!  If Marc-Andre was any happier, he’d have little cartoon hearts hovering over his head.

Let’s win tonight, boys….Because love can move mountains.


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  1. whistler Says:

    i had to listen to the game last night. ugh. so depressing. Let’s hope we can put it away tomorrow.


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