Drive-By Hotting: Double-Tap

Grovel, ye mortals! Can you stand this much awesome? Look at it! This is why Hollywood NEEDS to get on my Lion In Winter remake starring these two right now ….best movie ever, I guarantee it!

Russ:  Look ‘elen!  Look at all of those inferior people out there!  Can you believe how unsexy they are?

Helen:  I know!  Look at that one…I think…yes, it just spontanteously combusted from its proximity to our combined hotness!  Did you see?

Russ:  Crikey!   What a lowly bunch of fugly pansies! BWAHAHAAAA!

Helen:  Don’t be so smug, darling, it’s impolite.

One Response to “Drive-By Hotting: Double-Tap”

  1. babs Says:

    Okay, it could work. I recently saw it.

    What kills me about is I didn’t know that Richard the Lionheart and Phillip of France had a dalliance. I have a freakin’ Masters and have specialized in medieval lit and I never knew. Am studying for my phd and I still didn’t know. One degree meaningless.

    However, Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton are pretty hot. Hot Welsh Men in Love.

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