It’s a Great Day for Getting Your Ass Handed to You

WTF was that sad excuse for a hockey game yesterday?!?  See, it just goes to show how badly the Pens need an adorable coach with thick, eloquent hair like Coach Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights to inspire them out of their weak and lazy spells.  Coach Taylor is made of win.  *sigh*  Stupid hockey.  Just gotta keep repeating to myself, “I’m only here for the porn…I’m only here for the porn…”

Anyway, one thing this weekend that didn’t disappoint was State of Play.

Was it as good as the BBC miniseries that it was based upon?  Mmmm….probably not, but it  had advantages.  Like economy of story-telling.  A great many subplots and side characters from the original series were cut out for the movie version, but I found that I didn’t miss them at all, and even started wondering if they had really been necessary in the first place.  A sure sign that the movie-editing team did a great job.  The core story was kept completely intact as well as the wonderful sense of SoP being a throwback to those old Warner Brothers “scrappy reporter goes up against corruption” -type movies from the 30′s that always used to star Jimmy Cagney.

And of course filling the Cagney shoes here was Russell.  Russell in scruffy-bear mode was adorable, and did a fine job with the character of veteran reporter Cal McCaffery.  I can seriously not even remember the guy’s face who played  Cal in the tv version.  Rest of the cast was fine.  I thought Russ had great chemistry with Robin Wright and I wish they had played up that storyline a bit more.  The only weak spot in the film was Ben Affleck (imagine that!), who I just never bought as either a congressman or Russell’s friend.  They had zero chemistry and all of their interactions felt pretty forced.  Jason Bateman in a small part as an informant freaking PWNED; would have much preffered to see him in the major Affleck role.

The pacing was kept tight, except for the big twist at the end which was revealed so quickly it nearly lost its impact.  But overall if you want to see a smart, adult (as in, not written at tween, teen, or sprog-level), thoroughly entertaining bit of suspense in which there are no 1. giant robots  2. mutants  3. buildings blowing up  4.  terminators  5. teenagers  6.  Quiddich-players  7. all of the above, then you’d better rush out and see State of Play.  It’ll be your last chance to see a movie that doesn’t sap your IQ by 12 points until October or November.

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  1. hapnor Says:

    …but… but.. I have 12 IQ points to spare to see the robatic teen vampires blow up buildings while playing quiddich!

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