Triply Blessed

My my my.  What a trifecta of Hot greets us this day!  Astounding.

First of all…State of Play.  It opens today.  Rusty.  Long hair.  Scruffy.  Did you see the hair?!   My tix have already been Fandango’ed.

The only way I’d forgive you for not going to see SoP is because you chose to stay home and watch the 2nd game of the Pens vs. Flyers playoff round.   Sid, Marc, JStaal and the gang will surely be bringing the hotness and the pain to the loathed Philthadelphians once again.  But hey….there’s only like 58 more games left in this series, I can stand to miss one.  And Rusty > hockey.  But still.

And third.  Today is SeanBaby’s birthday!  So the only other reason why I’d forgive you for not running out to see SoP tonight is because you chose to stay in and do a birthday-tribute Sharpe movie marathon.

But there’s NO excuse whatsoever not to see State of Play on Saturday!  There’ll be a quiz and possibly a short essay question, so get on it!

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