Bunny Bop

So how was everyone’s long holiday weekend?

I didn’t have a long weekend myself, but still a good one.  Spent Saturday doing crafty stuff with buddy Janet (and learned that there’s a Sonic by her house…mmmmm…tater-tots!  Sunday BW and me and my parents went to a faboo Easter brunch at Eleven.  Wow.  The highlight of my meal was the Irish oatmeal with rum-soaked raisins that I had as the appetizer, and the dark-chocolate/Kaluha/raspberry mousse I had for dessert.  BW had steak n’ eggs, with truffle/shitake-infused tater tots!!! *Gasp!*

Taters tots again.  I guess they were the theme of the weekend.  Low-end or high-end, you just can’t beat tater-tots.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    no you can’t – tots are the best.
    btw your sidpaper is my dtop paper now

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