Happy Beefday

Time to put aside those callow hockey younguns’ for a bit and turn our (much-deserved) attention back to a true classic : Mistah Russell Crowe! Happy birthday, Rusty!

And just in time, things on the Russell Front are picking up. Next weekend, State of Play will hit theaters! *bounce bounce* Are you going? You’d better go, it’s gonna be awesome. The UK miniseries it is based on was incredible, and this version has not just Russ, but Helen Friggin Mirren as well.  An added factoid that makes me happy:  Russell’s character in SoP was originally supposed to be played by Brad Pitt.  Replace Bradley with Russ = Win.  PWNED, Bradley!  :)

Other than that, Russell is at long, long last now in the UK filming That Goddamned Robin Hood Movie.  Finally.  I’ve been hearing about that freaking movie for going on 3 years now.  Has the potential to be the best movie ever, AFAIC.  Russ in medieval garb killing things w/a sword?  Hurry the fuck up and finish it!!

Until then, enjoy this random homage to the big beefy chunk of walking charisma that is Russell Crowe.

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