Penguins and Lemurs and Cows (and Wolves), oh my!

Yay!  I’m back from scenic Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, where I had a wonderful time, but really I have been traveling and doing a lot of stuff lately so I am also very grateful to be home.  Please nobody ask me to go anywhere for at least a month, k?

But back to the fun.  I went down there to attend a conference on digital preservation (don’t ask), and for once I actually sorta-kinda learned something.  May be a first in the annals of library conferences.  But I stayed at Loup and LK’s home in the country, and hung out, and did all manner of cool stuff with Loupy while poor LK was at work.

We went to local attraction Fearrington Village where they have fuzzy-wuzzy Scottish cows to visit!  (And also shops, beautiful gardens, delicious restaurants and the most densest choccy cake ever.) Followed that up with foodie shopping at A Southern Season.

Saturday was jam-packed with awesome.  Started the day out with a trip to Duke University’s Lemur Center.  I have been wanting to go to this place for YEARS.  Since back when it was called the Primate Center.  It’s a research place devoted 100% to all those little bitty (and not-so bitty) non-monkey primates that just fascinate me so.  I think once upon a time they may have even had a tarsier.  And it’s still one of the only places in the world where you can see an Aye-Aye.  Can’t tell ya how excited I was to finally see an Aye-Aye in person!

Also that day we met up for yummy lunch with our ol’ buddy from the Childfree newsgroups/boards…Lorz!  I hadn’t seen her in person for ages, so it was great to meet up.  Glad you moved to the East Coast, Lorz!

And THEN.  Saturday night.  Loup and I attended the Pens vs. Carolina Hurricanes game! It was only at the last minute that I even realized that the game was happening in Raleigh.  Even later that I got tickets.  But because N. Carolingians aren’t as appreciative of hockey as those of us in northern climes, I was not only able to get tickets, but good tickets, and for as much money as I would have spent on Nosebleed City here in PGH! And what a change it was to watch a game in a nice new arena.  I felt like Angelina J’s kids must after they get picked up from the 3rd-world orphanage and plunked down in a 8-million dollar Malibu mansion.  :)

Anyway, I have a lot of game stories that maybe I’ll tell some other day but the important thing was that even though we lost (because we were robbed by f’ed up officials), it was FUN and much to my eternal relief Loup thought it was FUN and now she has been indoctrinated into the Cult of Hockey Jesus Crosby and his lil’ Angel Marc-Andre.  ;)   W00t!  I love making converts!

Pictures from the trip are here, and pictures (amazing pictures) from the game are here.

2 Responses to “Penguins and Lemurs and Cows (and Wolves), oh my!”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Glad you had fun… I had a blast! I have been reading hockey blogs since you left! How was RV living?

  2. Lorz Says:

    It was great seeing you, and now you’ve got me wanting to visit the Lemur Center.

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