I deserve 40 lashes with a wire hanger!

I forgot that yesterday was Ms. Crawford’s birthday!  Then I turned on TCM and they were having a Crawford-a-thon.  I finally got to see Autumn Leaves, a movie I’d read a lot about but is not available on DVD.

Anyway, I will scrub some floors for penance.  And I’ll offer this for your viewing pleasure.

We love you Ms. C!

3 Responses to “I deserve 40 lashes with a wire hanger!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Awesome tribute! I finally got to see Berserk yesterday. First time I ever saw the movie.

  2. LOUP Says:

    We need to make a google calendar with all of the important holidays and keep it handy. = ) I forgot too. I totally missed the TCM thing … I suck.

  3. Shiva The Great Says:

    Long time no see. A bored night with google and random searches when I decide to look for “Tarsiers” and a few other key words and what do I come across?

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