Go with God, my friend.

It dawned on me that I never told y’all the story of what went down last weekend when we parted with Woodrow, the PT Cruiser.  Get yer hankies ready.

We had an appointment at the notary’s office at 4:30 on 3/13 to meet with the buyer and conclude the sale.  We spent the hour or two before that cleaning out the PT, giving him a last wash, and scraping off the stickers.  All but one.  I did not allow BW to take off the ‘Elvis rocking out in front of the mike stand’ sillhouette decal on the rear passenger window.  I wanted the blessing of E to stay with Woody as long as possible.

So the hour of judgement came and we went to the notary’s.  BW had obviously met the buyer before, but I hadn’t.  I was pleased that he seemed like a nice guy, not a yinzer, not an obvious slob, etc.  He was actually buying the PT as a gift for his 20-something daughter who works as an in-home massage therapist (and also as a yoga instructor.)  She needs the hauling capacity of a PT for her massage table and all the equipment that goes with it.  So I felt good knowing that Woody would be going to work helping people to feel better, recover from injuries, etc.

But when it came down to it, it didn’t make the parting any less sad.  When the guy pulled him out of our garage, and beeped his cheerful little horn at us, I rushed into the house and collapsed in a big heap of bawling.  *sniffling as I type this, in fact*

So we sat around and wept, and about 45 minutes later the phone rang.  It was the buyer.  I was terrified that something bad had happened…Woody’s transmission gave out…something.  No.  He was calling to tell us two things:

1.  that he’d driven Woody to his house just fine and that the car ran really great


2.  that when he got home he noticed the Elvis decal, and to THANK US for leaving it on!! Buyer Guy went on to say that not only did he love the Lord E, but that he even was once in an Elvis tribute band!!

You can’t make this stuff up!  You can’t tell me that The Lawd E Our Gawd didn’t have a personal hand in this.  He provides for His people!  See how He leads them together in fellowship! Praise be to His infinite wisdom.

Well, after that phone call I stopped my crying because almighty E had set my soul at ease.  Obviously, our friend Woodrow is in His safekeeping, and that is all the comfort I need.

Thank you, Lord, for seeing our friend into the good hands of your faithful.  And to Woody the PT we say, “Godspeed.”

5 Responses to “Go with God, my friend.”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I got a little sobby reading this! What a portent to know that good things happen in the hands of E!

  2. mom Says:

    I too will miss Woody. I wish I had taken one last ride in him.
    Farewell Woody.


  3. Wendy Says:

    People travel in and out of our lives for a reason. Bless Almighty “E” for arranging this chance encounter.

  4. whistler Says:


    I remember how you surprised me when I came over to visit. You were so excited to show him to me.

  5. LOUP Says:

    E does work in mysterious ways. Praise E.

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