Drive-by Icing

Today’s Drive-By Hotting (Hockey Edition) is a tribute to a boy who just does NOT get enough love from the legit sports media, so we’re gonna give him some ourselves:  Mr. #11, Jordan Staal!

Jordan is, in this mostly ignorant hockey semi-fan’s opinion:

  1. Hawt!  In that delicious SS Trooper way that I dig so much.
  2. Always a solid, consistent player who tries no matter what.
  3. But lately has been taking his play up many levels from “solid” to “ASSWHUPPIN!“  He done makes me proud.

And yet, he goes mostly unsung because our local media is too far up Evgeni Malkin’s ass to notice.  :P   (Oh man, I just squicked myself out something fierce.) So here’s to you, JStaal!  We like you, we really, really like you!

2 Responses to “Drive-by Icing”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I don’t do for the blondes, but YOWZA. I can make an exception. Are you sure he doesn’t need special package healing power thoughts? *parsing crotch thinking hard drive*

  2. whistler Says:

    *laughs at hapnor*

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