Our feature presentation, starring….

The new car is here.  And now the exciting (?) moment that everybody (?) has been waiting for, the unveiling and revealing of the name!

To recap, our new car is

  1. Veddy British
  2. Classy
  3. Handsome as all get-out
  4. Designed to be a companion to Vivien, that hot motorcycle minx

So really, could there have been ANY other choice of name but

But of course!  Laurence, meet Laurence…..

But his friends can call him Larry.

Saturday the 14th was our scheduled pick-up day.  Having seen our precious Woody of to his new home the evening before, we set out by bus first to the bank for a cashier’s check, then some coffees, then off to the dealership.  What a trip it was to lay eyes on Laurence in the flesh, sitting on display in the showroom window!  (And he did attract quite a bit of attention.  As we were going over the paperwork, many people in the showroom wandered up and gazed at him longingly.)

Paying for him took 5 minutes.  But everything else took 2 hours!  At MINI, they are very concerned that you get acquainted with all the bells and whistles of your new auto (the on-board computer is ridiculous with all the settings you can customize and whathaveyou!), so they try to school you before they let you leave.  Holy crud, there is no way I’ll remember it all!

But we got good service, I have to say.  This is our first experience buying a “high-end” car, and they really do treat you nicely.  We got a nice take-home package of a hat, keychains, garage signs, car cleaner, and the salesman threw in a huge box of delectable gourmet cookies from Enrico’s Biscotti Co.!  That alone was worth buying a car for.

Anyway, so far we have each driven him a grand total of once.  BW home from the dealer, and me to Tim’s brunch so people could fawn over him some more.  But we’re very pleased so far.

Click on Larry and Vivien for more photos!

3 Responses to “Our feature presentation, starring….”

  1. hapnor Says:

    Now that’s a handsome man! I got a car boner right now! *puts a pillow on my lap*

  2. Wendy Says:

    Ah, Sir Laurence what a handsome man you are! Larry looks a very British green. I love it!

  3. babs Says:

    I am amused. And jealous because I didn’t think of naming my car anything. And now it’s abit too late.

    Though I named my cats Alistair Assisi and Calliope. Which may not be the same. But is as close as I’m going to get.

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