Just What is a ‘Nittany’ Lion Anyway?

Later this morning I’ll be off with Dumbass Boss (DaB) to Penn State University for a 2-day meeting. Oh the joy.

See, twice a year, the library group that I work for invites our members to a meeting to discuss business, give a budget update, and so on. It invariably sucks, but I think this time we’ll attain a new level of suckitude. We asked everyone to take a survey, and at this meeting we’ll discuss the results.

In other words, we gave everyone an open license to bitch. And believe me, nobody likes to bitch more than librarians. My whole job consists of listening to them bitch. And moan. And also whine. So I’ll probably spend two days hearing all about what a lousy job DaB and I do. But of course, no one will want to pay for improved service. The other thing librarians are is CHEAP!

Well, I’ll look on the bright side. I can get Frappucinos and dinner at Mad Mex on work’s dime. See you guys on Friday.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I hope the mexican grub makes up for the headache.

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