Quelle the fuck?!

A little something else to amuse you while I’m on vacay.

You know, when I was scouring teh interwebs for pictures of Crosby to use in the Groin Watch posts I noticed that there are an awful lot of rather ‘slashy’ pics of Sid and Marc-Andre together.  Quite, quite a few.   Hence, my recent Photoshopping jobs.

But why stop there?!  :)   I grabbed so many pictures and was so amused by the idea (hey it would explain a lot! (and be tres hot)), and then…well…if:

Idle Hands + Photoshop = The Devil’s workshop
Idle Hands + Photoshop + iMovie = The Devil’s Corporate Headquarters

I’m sorry if any serious hockey fans get offen…ahh, screw it.  I’m not sorry at all.  I had fun making this, and if you don’t wanna live in my little imaginary play world, then nobody’s forcing you to.  Just go be boring someplace else.  Pbbbbt!

So here’s a beautiful tale of two Canadian boys, love, hockey, and doughnuts.

2 Responses to “Quelle the fuck?!”

  1. babs Says:

    Hmmm, Tim Hortons… And hot Canadians. C’est Magnifique. This almost makes up for me driving in Canada and getting lost going back to Toronto. Happily, it didn’t end in an X-files dismemberment.

  2. whistler Says:

    The pic of Fleury with the puck behind him made me cry. That crappy goal (a major fluke) caused us to lose game 6 (and the cup)


    The Tim Hortons cracked me up.

    Good work.

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