Countdown to vacation

I feel like I have been looking forward to this trip for ever, but finally as of this Friday afternoon, BW and I will be here!

Yes, yes.  I can hear the Greek Chorus now, “But! But! You like cold, damp places! You have a pathological aversion to sunlight! You can’t even swim, ye daft bint!”

Guilty on all counts.

But here’s the thing.  Since BW has been back in school, there are only two times when we can go on a longish vacation.

  1. Summer.
  2. Spring Break (which at U of PGH falls in early March.)

We refuse to travel during summer, when the rest of the world travels, prices quadruple, and there is no place to escape long lines and swarming crowds of human vermin and their wretched offspring.  No.  Friggin.  Way.

That leaves early March.  And as much as I love cold, damp places…cold, damp places during early March, the height (nadir?) of cold dampness in much of the Northern hemisphere??!  Come on, even I can’t muster up the fortitude to cope with THAT every year.  And after two spring vacations in a row spent being excessively cold and damp, we needed a break.

Also, we were tired of coming back from our vacations utterly exhausted.  When we travel to Scotland, Nova Scotia, or other places that we’re genuinely terribly interested in, we always end of trying to do TOO much because there is so much we want to see.  We both felt that for once we wanted to go on a vacation just to veg, do nothing, maybe read some books, and stay put.   To do that, we needed a venue that we have absolutely no interest in whatsoever…hence, the tropics.

So far my plan is working.  Ordinarily, the week before vacation I’d be obsessively scouring the web to learn about all the sites and places I’d want to go….printing out maps…looking at Google Earth…plotting each day’s activities…generally behaving like the OCD nutcase I am.  This time around, I have my flight itinerary, my hotel reservation printed, and otherwise…uhhh…nada.  If is anything to do on this island,  I don’t give a rat’s ass. :)

2 Responses to “Countdown to vacation”

  1. hapnor Says:

    YIPPEE! Take a lot of pictures…or not!

  2. LOUP Says:

    Just an FYI — I got the tour scheduled for the Lemur Center. Dude said Saturday is pretty dull, especially is the weather is nice … i.e. no sproggen and no breeders .. since you have to plan ahead it is rare that Saturday’s get anything but actual adults who love animals. So that is something to look forward to.

    enjoy the beach. And remember … SPF 1000.

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