Word from my dealer is that, unless there was a wreck off the coast of Greenland, or a sea monster   attacked, TODAY is the day the Clubman is due to dock on US soil!

In many ways I feel rather guilty taking a natural-born citizen of the UK and making him come and live in this country, even if we DO have a Real President(tm) now.   But at least he’ll get to live with people who are his fellow countrymen in spirit, and share many of his cultural predilections.  He can help us plot the dream of us all going back home together one day.

I’m not sure which port they bring the cars into.  Someone said Baltimore, maybe NYC.  Either way, once there he’ll get another set of inspections, then wait to be loaded onto a truck, then the drive to PGH.  (I’m sorry, car!!)  ETA at the dealership is March 6…which happens to be the day BW and I are leaving on spring break.

That works out well, though.  The dealer says that they take a few days to do detailing and install the last bit of customization anyway, so by the time we come back it should be 100% ready.  Vacation followed by new car; it’s as if I’ve just won on The Price is Right.

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