Ve Vant Information

I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but I’ve gleaned a bit more info.  First off, he does NOT have a wife/gf…I think the girl I saw was just someone helping him move.  In fact, he appears to live alone, which I find a little strange since Russian Guy’s (former) house is HUGE.  Three stories, 4 or 5 bedrooms, etc.  I was beginning to fear that maybe that maybe he’s planning to turn it into a big crashpad/frat house for all his friends.

So I did a little online spying.

Thanks to the magic of the Allegheny County Property Tax Assessment website, I got his name.  A Google search revealed not much, but some morsels to go on.  He has a Facebook account, but I can’t view his profile because I don’t want to add him as a friend and draw attention to my spying.  ;) But he is 24 years old, graduated HS in a nearby municipality in 2003, graduated Pitt in 2007 (JEEZus, am I old!)  His former high school’s old archived school board meeting documents revealed, in their “Senior Recognition 2003″  write-up, that he was:

Scholar Athlete (2002); National Honor Society; French Club President;
Special Olympics Co-President; Volleyball Captain; Newspaper Sports
Editor; Duquesne Presidential Award; Penn State University-McKeesport
Presidential Scholarship;

Hrmm.  Conflicting.  Seems to be a jock.  But it’s only volleyball.  On the other hand, volleyball is my most-hated sport ever in my long history of hating sports.  And then there’s that bit about French Club.  Could it be…? Could I be so lucky that maybe he’s gay??  He doesn’t look especially gay, but really what self-respecting straight male would be president of high school French club? But he does live alone, and seems to have a lot of women over.  So is he 1. a studly jock douche, and volleyball was a means to pick up chicks  or 2. gay, and those are his girlfriends?


2 Responses to “Ve Vant Information”

  1. hapnor Says:

    “So I did a little online spying.” Stalker! ;)

    Maybe he is a little A little bit of B. Maybe he is still working out the orientation thing. Seems resonable for a 24 year old who grew up in SteelTown. Is that a cop out answer? I hope he is gay and happy.

  2. babs Says:

    I agree with you on the French club bit. I did know some straightish guys who were in German club, though never the president. And they weren’t normal then or probably now.

    I would say speaking as someone who grew up in a steel town that it may take that long for him to come out. But yeah, column a, column b.

    And yeah, volleyball isn’t so much of a sport; we used to call it the sport of wimps.

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