A sailor’s life for me

On Friday I called our Mini salesman to get a firmer ETA on the car. He told us that the info on the Mini website is usually a few days behind. He checked his own data and saw that it had been loaded onto the ship and has been sailing the seas since Feb.15!

Otherwise, had an ok weekend.  Birthdays all over the place.  Gulliver’s birthday on Sunday, and my Grandma’s too.  Whistler last week.  Went to a slightly early birthday dinner for Agent Asian’s fiance on Saturday.

Everyone I know comes in clumps.  I know a big clump of Pisces, a big clump of Scorpios *moshes*, and a big clump of Aries.  That makes up probably 90% of the people I know, the rest are just lone stray Sun Signs…a Leo here…a Gemini there…one Taurus…etc.  Probably means something, but I don’t know what.

I watched the Oscars on Sunday just to see Hugh Jackman hosting.  (Hey, he’s a Libra…that’s random.)  I thought he was wonderful, personable, charming…you know, in essence, Hugh Jackman.  Best host choice they’ve made in years.  But they ruined it by having too many presenter segments and not enough Hugh!  Ugh.  Otherwise I have zero feelings about the Oscars; they’ve been dead to me since the Brokeback debacle.  Just glad to see the Brangelina machine get shut down and shut out AGAIN.  HAHAHAA!

Enough pointless musings, time to hit the treadmill.  :P

2 Responses to “A sailor’s life for me”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I take it you are meh on the Heathie Oscar? Too little too late…

  2. tarsier Says:

    I’m happy that he won, but it’s obvious that it was one of those “regret/corrective” Oscars.

    Oops! We now realize you should have won for Brokeback, so take this belated award.

    See also: Crowe, Russell — Oscar for Gladiator instead of The Insider,
    Irons, Jeremy — Oscar for Reversal of Fortune instead of Dead Ringers,
    to name a few.

    :P Stoopid fucking Academy.

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