Off the map

I LOVE Google Maps.  Love, love, love it!  It satisfies my OCD in so many ways:  my need to plot things out, my need to be able to pre-visualize places before I go to them, it’s just one of the best things to ever happen to the Interwebs.

Because it allows people to come up with stuff like this.

Allegheny County Clickable Homicide Map

Shows in a visual form where all the murders in PGH took place last year!  Neat, huh?  And when you click the red markers, you get more details about each incident.  I love toys like this.  Heh.  This also demonstrates what a safe area I live in;  my neighborhood and the places where I spend all my time are pretty much in that large pin-free zone bounded by 380 at the north and the Mon river at the south.  Except for when I have to go to my office, which is smack in Murder-central.  :)   Maybe that will make it easier to understand why I go in at like 7:00 am and try to leave by Noon; gangstas ain’t up and about that early.

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