Advancing on the Russian Front

I forgot to tell you the news:  somebody bought Russian Guy’s house!

And his slacker real estate agent didn’t have the decency to slap up a SOLD sign to give us some warning.  Instead, on the morning of Super Tard Sunday, a big honking moving truck pulled up in front and began disgorging its contents!

I haven’t seen much of the New People since then.  My first sight of them did not inspire confidence:  guy was wearing a Polamaulu (I do not give A FUCK if I spelled that right) jersey and douchey sunglasses, and his female counterpart was wearing an (I think) Ward jersey, was very tall, scrawny, and had on big ugly sunglasses.  My first thought was that they were students of some type.  (Auuugh!)

I haven’t seen the female since then, but I caught a glimpse of the male yesterday and I have tentatively upgraded my opinion somewhat. I think he actually has a job because he’s gone all day, so at least he’s not that young.  But he is young, dark hair, sorta douchey soul-patch facial hair thing, dressed in “business casual” level of clothing, carrying a nice “urban” messenger bag, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of take-out food.  Drives a black Jeep Patriot with one of those Yankee Candle air fresheners inside.

Hrrmmm.  Anyone want to analyze?

Thankfully no signs of sproggen.  No pets, either…at least no dog.  It’s been too cold to go outdoors and “accidentally” run into them, so I’ll just have to keep on idly speculating until I can do that.

Let the spying commence!

2 Responses to “Advancing on the Russian Front”

  1. whistler Says:

    I wonder if they like hockey…

  2. Wendy Says:

    If they like hockey that could be one redeeming quality. The fact they were wearing Squeeler jerseys is a sign of retardation. I hope they didn’t buy the home to start a family. ‘ducks shoe being thrown’

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