Do the fucking Batusi

Oh, Christian!

If you’ve been alive for the past 24 hours you have undoubtedly heard all about (and listened to the audio 50+ times) Christian Bale going off on an eff-word powered tirade against some incompetent director of photography on the Terminator 4 movie set.

Now I’m not a big Bale fan.  A lot of people think he’s sex on wheels.  I don’t.  I also don’t swallow the ‘best actor of his generation’  Kool-Aid, either.  But I don’t dislike the man.  He’s like my living room couch:  he looks ok, is sturdy, of good quality, and does his job just fine.  He doesn’t wow me, but he also never sucks.

But I think the criticism being heaped on his head over this may be unfair.  Think about it:  he’s stuck on a set being (mis)managed by a “director” who calls himself McG.  Just McG.  This same McG who is responsible for shit like the Charlie’s Angels movies.  And there’s Christian, probably asking himself every day, “WHY am I here?!  I’m a real goddamned actor, for gawd’s sake!”  (Which is a good question.  Dude, you already have the Bat-franchise, what the hell were you thinking?)  And since McG sucks as a director, he no doubt sucks at hiring crew, and surrounds himself with people who have even less talent and skills than himself, so he’ll look good by comparison.  So I’m pretty sure that the photography guy in question probably had it coming, and I would snap too if I was in Christian’s place and had to work with clueless screwups day after day.  (Oh waitaminute….I already DO that!!)

Which is a long way of saying…you may have heard the audio, and watched the gossip news reports…but have you heard….

The Dance Remix?!?! Go ahead, click it.  You MUST click it!  But wear earphones, it ain’t safe for work!

Oh.  My.  Gawd.  This will cause the best Batman-related dance craze since the Batusi!  I deeply wish that I had a better phone, because that needs to be my ringtone right now!  Things like this are what makes the Internets the single best thing to ever happen, ever.

2 Responses to “Do the fucking Batusi”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I absolutely love the dance remix. I don’t fault the guy for rampaging either. Everyone has a bad day and apparently you aren’t allowed to use the F bomb in Ermerica unless you are a raving lunatic or psychopath. Too tender are the ears I guess … I still dig him. He isn’t walking sex but a damn fine actor and that is good enough for me.

  2. Marci Says:

    Fucking awesome.

    (Yeah, I know…took the easy way on that one.)

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