We have reached a verdict!

Over the week in DC, we came to a decision.  A choice that was, in the end, based more on gut-level emotion than logic, alas…but I don’t think that it will be one that we’ll regret.

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And then you can….

Yup.  It’s the Clubman!  Saturday morning we went in and placed the order.  In as few a 6 weeks, he will be snug in our garage!  Here’s a little preview of what it’ll look like:

*squeee!* So purty! We’re super excited.

Anyway, so what made the choice?  It’s hard to explain.  One factor was that during our stay in D.C., we saw one or two Minis around that had the really nice, “Tuscan Beige” leather interior that we wanted.  The more we got to see that in person, the more we thought, “Damn!  That is sweet-looking!”  So we didn’t have as much conflict about the VW’s interior being nicer than the Mini’s anymore.

Second, instead of approaching the question from the angle of “What car will I least regret buying?”, I flipped it over to “Which car will I most regret NOT buying?”  And when looked at from that angle, the answer became clear.  We both thought that if we didn’t take the chance to buy a Mini now, while we can afford it and are young enough to enjoy it, we would probably be regretful and asking “what if” for years.  We can always get a practical, spacious, comfortable car like the Tiguan when we’re old and achy and have to buy one.  :)   Further, I for one am SICK TO DEATH of always being the people who cop out and make the practical choices.

Another factor was the high re-sellability of Mini Coopers.  And that they really retain their $$$ value.  So that if after a year or two, we decide that it really is too impractical and we just can’t cope with it….we should be able to sell it without too much trouble, and get a decent return on our money.  And then go buy a VW Tiguan.  The reverse would not be true if we bought the Tiguan first and regretted that.

The only bad/sad spot in all this is that we still have to sell our PT or else face trading it in.   So I send out a plea to all and sundry:  if you know anybody who needs a lovely used car for a muy reasonable price, get them in touch with me within 6 weeks!

3 Responses to “We have reached a verdict!”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I think this deserves both a “squeee” and a “w00t!” I am totally going to go build one online now!

  2. whistler Says:

    Wow.. Can’t wait to go for a ride in it. Rawk!!!!

  3. Hapnor Says:

    It just occured to me that the Mini coordinates with the Triumph…sweet

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