A TRULY “Blessed Event”

When people tell me that they are pregnant, my usual reaction is blandly non-committal.  I mouth the expected words and go on my way.  But this calm facade masks my true reaction:  bleak heart-wrenching despair.

But when someone tells me that they’re going to get sterilized (granted, such a thing has virtually never happened), then I jump up and down and squeal, “Ohmigod I am SO HAPPY for you!!” with a real, non-faked feeling of true joy.

So you can only imagine how overjoyed I was to hear that Cousin R (she of the recent wedding) has got a snip date!!  *bounce bounce* And her snip date is on MY birthday!  I am so honored.  :)   I’m not just honored, I’m proud.  Cousin R is only 21 years old, but she knows her mind and it is 100% Childfree.  I know from experience that it’s hard to find a doctor willing to snip ya when you’re pushing 30, but R was determined and by gosh, she found a way to get it done.  *sniffle* Li’l girl done grown up so good….*sniffle* Heh.

So well wishes to Cousin R for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery.  And a toast to a happy CF life!  I promise you that you will get more joy from your snip than any  brat could ever bring. Huzzah!!

3 Responses to “A TRULY “Blessed Event””

  1. Marci Says:

    *tips a glass in virtual toast*

  2. Loup Says:


    Congrats Cousin R!

    Score one for our side!!

  3. Rach Says:

    I must say that I owe many thanks to Cousin C for being such a good childfree role model and I couldn’t have had it happen on a better day than her bday! :) May you have many more childfree years of happiness ahead of you!

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