Is this thing on?

Back again, at least long enough to say that my hallway is all painted.  :)

I would take a picture to share, but I think that the color is the sort that looks nice in real life but will photograph like ass.  It’s called “safari tan”, if that helps your visualization process any.  While I was standing around waiting for the Home Despots to mix my paint, I found a small can of Ralph Lauren sort-of-bronzeish metallic paint on clearance for $1.  I guess somebody had it mixed, then didn’t like it.  heir loss was my gain; on a whim I bought it, then I decided to paint my (very worn) banister with it.  It was an inspired decision if I do say so!  Banister looks 100x better and it really adds some interesting character to the hallway.  Lately I’ve learned to stop treating woodwork as sacrosanct.  You CAN paint over it if it looks bad; gawd will not strike you dead for painting over original wood if said wood is all sad and nasty-looking.  It’s been a hard-won lesson.

The next project will be to take up the carpeting on the stairs and see what manner of freaky shit awaits us under there.  I want to put down some red stair-runner area carpet instead of the wall-to-wall beige shag crap that’s there now.

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