Thank gawd!

Body of Lies opens today!!!

When I first started seeing info and leaks from this movie, even though Rusty is in it, I really had no desire to see it.  Leo DeCaprio is always a big turn-off, and movies about US foreign policy are not appealing.  And then the main issue:  Russell went all method actor on us and gained 60 lbs for his part and then they gave him a short grey buzzcut so that all throughout BOL, he looks for all the world like Carrol O’Connor.  :P

But then…

Summer happened.  The WORST spring/summer/fall lineup of movies that I have seen in years!  I think I’ve only seen 2 movies in 6 months!  Horrible.  So now…now I am chomping at the bit to see Body of Lies!  Please!  Give me something to watch!!

And I’ve gotten over being bummed about Russell-as-Archie in the movie.  Because I know that I’ll get some awesome ACTING out of it.  That’s the great thing about Russ; he can deliver on both fronts, the hotness and the mad acting skilz.  (And he’s lost most of the weight and has been running around to all the talk shows all week, lookin foine.  That don’t hurt.)

So get out there and see BOL this weekend…give some money to Russell and Ridley Scott.  Have you got anything better to do?!

2 Responses to “Thank gawd!”

  1. hapnor Says:

    Prayze Jebus for that…. Going tomorrow to see it.

  2. Loup Says:

    I think I am going to skip BOL and try to talk LK into going to see Appaloosa before it leaves the theater. Viggo and Ed Harris in a shoot ‘em up western on the big screen. That is worth the effort too I think. = 0 )

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