Pussing Out

So about a month ago, BW found and downloaded the Billboard Top 100s for 1980-89.   Yup, 100 songs per year for the whole 80′s.  I’ve been slowly listening my way through it; in a way it’s really nice to hear the songs that were actually popular in the 80′s again instead of the very selective quantity of New Wave/Alternative stuff that is all that people remember now.  I mean, I love New Wave more than almost anything, but I LIKED Top 40 radio during the 80′s too.  With some small exceptions…

I listened to the hits of 1980, 81, and 82 over the past few days and wow…I forgot about the weird early-80′s trend of Puss Pop.  Grown men with choirboy voices singing soft n’ gentle tunes.  There so MANY of them…and so hard to tell apart!

Can someone remind/explain to me what was the difference between Chicago and Air Supply, and how to distinguish them?  For extra credit, please also do the same with Peter Cetera and/or Christopher Cross.

Man, no wonder everyone embraced Cheese Metal towards the end of the 80′s!  People hadn’t been exposed to any testosterone for so long that even Brett Michaels must have seemed all hardcore and manly compared to this…

Hetfield, take me away!

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  1. Loup Says:

    Whenever I hear a manchild singer – I always expect an announcer to come in over top of the music with “Soft sounds by K-Tel – order now!!”

    Leo Sayer makes my ears bleed.

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