Taste the Season: Liquid Edition

It’s always been my policy/personal quirk that I only like tea if it doesn’t taste like tea.  And OHMY, does this stuff fit the bill!  It is incredible!  Tastes like hot liquid pumpkin pie!  I could just sit and sniff the tea bag all day and be happy.

The ingredients list black tea, “natural pumpkin flavors”, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and pumpkin flakes.  I need to know where I can get some of these dehydrated pumpkin flakes wholesale, cause I’d sprinkle them over everything I eat!   Anyway, obviously the flavor is spice-ishly delicious.  I’m a huge Chai fan, and this Pumpkin Spice is a nice alternative; very similar in flavor, but a little sweeter, and of course with that essence of pumpkin to kick it up.

The only bad thing is that I don’t know where to buy it!  I got my one and only box at Trax Farms, but that’s a 45 minute drive away and I haven’t found it anyplace else yet.  I’ll keep searching though and report back.  If you spot it, do let me know.

4 Responses to “Taste the Season: Liquid Edition”

  1. whistler Says:

    OH. MY. GOD!!!


  2. Marci Says:

    It’s in stock at Amazon – a pack of six boxes for 13.71.

  3. Loup Says:

    I found Gingerbread pop-tarts … and of course they aren’t great. They are what you would expect a gingerbread pop-tart taste like (ginger cardboard).

    But at least they are trying to think outside of the cherry frosted box.

  4. babs Says:

    There’s also the lovely gingerbread lattes that Starbucks offers around this time.
    Pretty tasty. I suspect other coffee places do as well.

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