Taste the Season

Have you all seen the new “fall” flavors of Hershey kisses out in the stores?  They come in Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice, and they both rawk.

I’m no fan of Hershey kisses, or any Hershey chocolate, really.  (Hersheys?  chocolate?  *snork*  More like dark brown wax brick.  But I digress.) But these succeed because there’s no attempt chocolate to be found in either one.  The Candy Corn one tastes about 90% like “white chocolate”  with a hint of…well, whatever that flavor is that makes candy corn taste like candy corn.  They’re very tasty, and the white/orange/yellow stripes are adorable.

The Pumpkin Spice ones are even better!  I first thought that they would be chocolate with a pumpkin center, but nope.  Still no chocolate.  They have a pretty orangey-brown pumpkin flavored exterior, with a creamy white even-more-intensely-pumpkin flavored interior.  Absolutely fabulous!  And I bet a clever person could probably devise some kind of awesome cookie/baked good featuring the pumpkin ones as well, but I am not that person.

I can’t wait for them to go on clearance at the end of October!  LOL.

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  1. whistler Says:

    Yeah, thanks to you I like the Candy Corn kisses. I guess I’ll be trying the others when I visit in two weeks. LOL.

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